Scrap Metal

Metal for Mpongwe is just one way in which we are seeking to raise funds for the charity.

A BIG thank you to all who have donated scrap metal for the charity “Friends of Mpongwe” who are supporting an Orphan project whereby financial assistance is being provided to help give these children a secure and loving environment within a family setting.

Many of the 15% of orphans (largely due to HIV/AIDS) are having to be looked after by aged grandparents/neighbours who themselves are in impoverished circumstances. The aim is to make sure that the children are valued, well nourished and are able to attend school.

In addition, we seek to help maintain a local mission hospital by undertaking repairs, refurbishment and supply medical goods.

Over the past few years, this project has raised over £30,000!

The attraction of this scrap metal project is that we are able to raise funds without having to ask for money! People have commented that it has been an encouragement to them to have a clear out and that their rubbish is benefitting other people – recycling in a very real sense.

Any metal is welcome including any household items (including electrical), car batteries, piping, brass and copper, wire cable, old machinery, electric motors, etc, etc….Anything, any size!

Please continue to bear this project in mind, spread the news and if you are able to help, please contact us.

Phil Andrews (trustee)