Mpongwe’s People has been supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Zambia since 2012 and it has become a major focus of our work there.

The project aims to provide the resources necessary for a child who has lost one or both parents to be able to receive a good education that would otherwise be unattainable. HIV / AIDS has ravaged many communities and left hundreds of children without parents who can support them. Many of these orphans are taken into homes of their extended families, but with provisions already stretched they can rarely afford schooling. Education is the single most effective route out of the poverty trap and so our focus is helping these children to get to school. With local partners, Mpongwe’s People identifies children who most need this support and then provides school uniforms, books, bags and any fees the school requires.

Local caregivers visit the children regularly to ensure they are attending school and are looked after well by their guardians.

Currently around 170 children are being supported through this programme with several hundred on the waiting list. To support a child all through their education costs around £18 per month. You can download sponsorship forms here: Sponsor form OVC