Urgent Appeal

The OVC team have been visiting many of the different districts around the Mpongwe area, checking in on children, guardians and caregivers. In one of the districts, they found these twin boys around 3-4 years old. They have been abused and needed urgent hospitalisation for severe malnutrition. The local church are trying to look after the children but will need some extra help for medical expenses. If you’d like to give to this cause, please click here: https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/mpongwespeople.

Thanks for your help!

OVC Update

The OVC team have been very busy the past couple of weeks, driving all over the Mpongwe area to visit children and caregivers. They’ve covered hundreds of miles on dirt roads, and suffered several mechanical failures, but have also met some amazing people. Children have overcome so much and still remain positive in their pursuit of education. Caregivers, often in dire poverty themselves, are giving themselves to support these children in their communities. Click on the pictures for stories of some of the work. (The names of the children have been changed to protect their identity.)