Sponsored walk raises over £3,000!

At the beginning of June a few Mpongwe’s People supporters did a sponsored walk from King Alfred’s Tower to Charmouth, a distance of about 60 miles. Our journey started on the Leland trail which was established in King Henry the VIII’s time during Leland’s tour of the west country. Judging by the height of the nettles in certain parts you wondered whether it had been used much since the middle ages! The route took us across farmland and through familiar sounding villages but when you are walking as opposed to driving you soon lose a sense of where you are. We were blessed with wonderful weather which highlighted the beauty of the countryside and made us appreciate the area we live in.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us as we raised over £3,000 between us all which will go towards the orphan and vulnerable children programme in Mpongwe, Zambia.

Ant Webb