Charity gift cards

We are pleased to announce that you can buy gift cards to give to friends or family as a way of supporting the work of Mpongwe’s People. Our charity gift cards enable you to donate any amount and 100% of the donation will go to our frontline work in Zambia.

For more information, get in touch with us through the contact page!

Banking Update 3

Dear friends of Mpongwe,

Thank you so much for your generosity and support for Mpongwe. Many of you have given extra to cover the shortfall whilst we’ve had banking trouble.

We wrote to you a few weeks ago to ask you to pray for our banking situation and the challenges we were facing. Almost immediately we received notice from the bank that we were now able to receive standing orders again! This was great news. However, at the moment we are unable to send the money overseas to Mpongwe, and so we’re asking you to pray again.

Zambia, like many countries, has imposed restrictions on gatherings, education and trade. This has had a big impact on our work there and we are keen to transfer aid as soon as possible, which will go directly to supporting the orphans and vulnerable children’s work there.

Please join us in prayer again that the banking situation will be fully resolved quickly!

Banking Update 2

Dear friends of Mpongwe,

Thank you so much for your patience while we’ve been trying to work with the bank to resolve the issues we’ve had. Whilst we are not totally complete with the review process for our account, we are now able to receive payments, both one-off and standing orders! This is great news as we rely on monthly support for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children project.

If you give by standing order, this should automatically restart with the next payment. If it doesn’t, please do contact me and we’ll try to sort it out!

If you are a regular supporter, could I ask you to consider making an extra donation to Mpongwe’s People to cover the lost amount whilst our account was suspended? We totally understand that these are trying times for everybody, and are so grateful for whatever support you can give.

If you are not a regular supporter, and would like to be, you can fill in this form here:

Schools in Zambia are reopening as coronavirus restrictions are being lifted there too and so we are continuing to work hard to support those children and the caregivers who look after them.

Many thanks,

Tim Miller (chairperson).