Banking Update 2

Dear friends of Mpongwe,

Thank you so much for your patience while we’ve been trying to work with the bank to resolve the issues we’ve had. Whilst we are not totally complete with the review process for our account, we are now able to receive payments, both one-off and standing orders! This is great news as we rely on monthly support for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children project.

If you give by standing order, this should automatically restart with the next payment. If it doesn’t, please do contact me and we’ll try to sort it out!

If you are a regular supporter, could I ask you to consider making an extra donation to Mpongwe’s People to cover the lost amount whilst our account was suspended? We totally understand that these are trying times for everybody, and are so grateful for whatever support you can give.

If you are not a regular supporter, and would like to be, you can fill in this form here:

Schools in Zambia are reopening as coronavirus restrictions are being lifted there too and so we are continuing to work hard to support those children and the caregivers who look after them.

Many thanks,

Tim Miller (chairperson).

Banking Update

Dear supporters of Mpongwe’s People,

Firstly, many apologies for not communicating better or sooner. Over the past few months we have had significant problems with our charity bank account. We were put under a review and have done our best to comply with the bank’s requirements, but our account has still been frozen. As you might imagine, receiving funds in the UK and sending them to a small village in rural Africa can raise some issues of accountability for the bank. I have been assured from our account manager, that having looked in fine detail at all our transactions, we are meeting the standards.

Unfortunately, the bank is now overwhelmed in dealing with customers through the coronavirus crisis, and with a large team working from remote locations, getting the superiors to sign off on our account reopening is now the stumbling block.

So please do bear with us, we know that many of you are having standing orders returned to your account. This is also immensely frustrating for the OVC team in Mpongwe, whose work has now ground to a halt through our inability to transfer money to them.

I will post updates here on this blog as we find them out.

Many blessings,

Tim Miller (chair of trustees)

OVC in action!

Alick (not his real name) lives in a rural village with his grandmother after both his parents died. His grandmother heard about the OVC programme and wondered if we could help him. Alick has club feet and needed surgery to correct it. He couldn’t get to school because it was too painful to walk and wasn’t able to wear shoes.

Thankfully, the international church in Ndola has a great orthopaedic surgeon who was willing to do the operation free of charge! This is an incredible blessing to the family who would otherwise have been unable to afford the trip to the hospital and the associated medical fees.

We are so grateful that the OVC team was able to intervene and change this child’s life.

Workshop News

One of the ongoing projects we’re involved with in Mpongwe is the training and development of staff who work in the mission workshop. In Mpongwe, a workshop was established to support the growing needs of the hospital and wider community by building furniture, servicing vehicles and a host of other activities. Steve Powell is multi-skilled in many different practical areas and is helping to establish the workshop as a training and development centre. He helps to identify young people and give them skills, sometimes sending them to other local workshops to be trained. The workshop provides valuable skills to the local economy and helps to keep the mission running. Every morning, the workshop staff gather for devotionals before starting the day.