Banking Update

Dear supporters of Mpongwe’s People,

Firstly, many apologies for not communicating better or sooner. Over the past few months we have had significant problems with our charity bank account. We were put under a review and have done our best to comply with the bank’s requirements, but our account has still been frozen. As you might imagine, receiving funds in the UK and sending them to a small village in rural Africa can raise some issues of accountability for the bank. I have been assured from our account manager, that having looked in fine detail at all our transactions, we are meeting the standards.

Unfortunately, the bank is now overwhelmed in dealing with customers through the coronavirus crisis, and with a large team working from remote locations, getting the superiors to sign off on our account reopening is now the stumbling block.

So please do bear with us, we know that many of you are having standing orders returned to your account. This is also immensely frustrating for the OVC team in Mpongwe, whose work has now ground to a halt through our inability to transfer money to them.

I will post updates here on this blog as we find them out.

Many blessings,

Tim Miller (chair of trustees)

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