Mpongwe’s People is a Somerset based charity supporting development projects in some of the poorest areas of rural Zambia. 

Founded in 2008 after a group from St Cleers Chapel in Somerton visited Mpongwe Mission in 2007, Mpongwe’s People has been partnering with the Mpongwe Baptist Association with the aim of improving the lives of the most vulnerable in the population. 

  • Orphan and Vulnerable Child Support. About 180 children in Mpongwe and the surrounding areas are enrolled in this programme, providing them with everything they need to attend school. A sewing cooperative based in Mpongwe produces school uniforms for the children which gives much needed employment and income for local women and their families. We believe that gaining an education will give these children a viable route out of the poverty cycle.  Due to the success of the programme since its launch in 2012, many children are progressing from primary through to secondary education. You can also download our support form here to give to the OVC project: Sponsor form OVC
  • Hospital support. Renovation of Mpongwe Mission Hospital, built in the 1970s, is an ongoing challenge. It is well supported by teams of volunteers going out each year. A poultry project, due to be launched soon, will provide regular protein for the inpatients and aid the recovery of many who are recovering from debilitating infectious diseases.
  • Training. Mentoring through our regular visits and funding of specific training for key people in the Mpongwe leadership team.